Going on vacation? Need to get rid of tan lines before a special event? Low on Vitamin D? Or do you simply seek 15 minutes of sunshine in your busy week?               


​               We've got you covered! Build your base tan in any one of our 5 NEW 15-minute low UV-Output beds          

               or upgrade to one of our 3 high UV-Output beds (advanced tanners).

               In a hurry to get color? Find out about our Mystic Tan.

We monitor the life of our lamps and replace them regularly so that you can always count on getting the best tan!


Vitamin D



Look good

Feel good

UV-Tanning Advisory

Solar Studio always recommends sensible, moderate and responsible exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Failure to wear protective eyewear may result in severe burns or long term injury to the eyes.

In the state of California, persons under 18 years of age are prohibited from UV-Tanning.  We offer the UV-Free Mystic Tan as an alternative.